Lisa Vogt

Hier sollte eigentlich ein Bild sein. Leider ist ein Fehler unterlaufen.

Dimensions of semantic meaning in the term “Euromaidan”

In the first days of the protests on Majdan Nesaleschnosti in Kiev 2013, students named the movement “Euromajdan”. The term is simple, good to handle and combines the place of events, the Maidan, with its first agenda, the connection to Europe. The events on the square became intense and eventually ended in February 2014. However, the term remained and became a hypernym for what the Ukrainians call a revolution and the EU refers to as a political crisis. This rhetoric dilemma arouses the question what the term “Euromaidan” is actually supposed to stand for. What are possible semantic dimensions that culminate in this term? And how can we combine our understandings of it to a fruitful consensus? This contribution tries to give an insight into the diverse non-Ukrainian opinions concerning this topic in order to open up the possibility to think about the meaning of a supposed simple title.