Larissa Mass

Hier sollte eigentlich ein Bild sein. Leider ist ein Fehler unterlaufen.

Filming your movement -Different views on the Maidan

From the beginning of the Ukraine protest a few documentations were produced. Mostly they have a focus on the development, the people, who are involved and the actions around the central movement.

In my presentation i will compare three documentation projects. They all have a different aesthetic and view on the protests. „Babylon#13“ is a project on youtube with more than 200 clips, produced by a a filmmaker collective. On the other hand there are two documentations: „All things ablaze“ started for the Newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung and shows the brutal side of the protest. Comparing to this the long stills in „Maidan“ by Sergej Loznitsa seems to be very calm and arty.

The role of the picture is the main focus of my presentation. I will analyse the political potential of special pictures, which are repeated in all documentaries and influence our opinion of maidan.