Voskehat Asatryan

Maidan. A Cosmopolitan Community?

Voskehat Asatryan


There is an order of the Heaven’s Hundred Heroes of Ukraine which is presented for civil courage, patriotism and the defense of the constitutional principles of democracy, human rights and freedom; humanitarian, social and charitable activities; selfless service to the Ukrainian people during the Euromaidan-protests; as well as any events related to the protection of the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine. It was posthumously given to the victims of the civil disturbance on Maidan who are of multiethnical origins.

What does that mean being Ukrainian in this context? What makes people to a nation in our transnational times? Do we need heroes to conform the national? Is Maidan 2013-14 an example of a cosmopolitanized nation due to the fact that the national transcends itself?

In times of world risk societies, as indicated by Ulrich Beck, the ‚cosmopolitan nation’ is no more an ‚either–or’ discourse. The cosmopolitan risk communities presuppose imagined national communities, therefore nationalism and cosmopolitanism may be seen as dialectical twins. In other words, the cosmopolitan, in our contemporary understanding, cannot evolve without the national.

This presentation shall give only partial answers, if any, to the articulated questions.