Archetypes in the War Texts

pdf: Archetypes of war

Daryna Voronovska

The post-Maidan literature, as if we did not like it, in the end develops into the literature of war. There`s even no time to recover. As for me, the Maidan as a social, historical and cultural phenomenon is still going on and will continue for quite a lot time.

In my opinion, we can really understand, that Ukrainians feel, how they live during the war, when we get into poetry, and let’s see how the authors convey their emotions and experiences. It is important to understand, that their texts are hidden archetypes and symbols, which make these texts relevant and comprehensible for each.

In my presentation I explore poetry of women and poetry of men, which updated certain archetypes, particularly birth and death, memory, victims, childhood. The woman in her poetry is the one that save her family. She aims to give new life – “I will give birth to a poem from you which is innocently conceived”. But man guards what he has today – “ It is not needed valedictories/ In a quiet which appears after a fight/ It always looks at the wrong time/ It as through to the lost warrior/ And to ask, that go up…”.

The archetypal analysis, which studied researchers such as Jung, N. Fry, Frazier and Campbell, help us to see how the subjective finds itself in the objective at the level of belief, feelings and emotions and how personal experiences become relevant for everyone who is in a particular context and discourse.

“The concentration of autumn will reach to the critical point/ and will tear this city on thousand letters and words”. 29 November there are two years pass since the day when young people came to the Maidan and have suffered by Berkut. Perhaps now we are at that critical point, when thousands letters and words, that formed into poetry , do not allow us to forget what happened, become cold-hearted and get used to the deaths that this war brings.