Anastasiya Gärtner-Koval

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DIY! The Potential of Страйк Плакат

Anastasiya Gärtner-Koval

Nowadays social media is one of the main and most important devices of communication, especially in times of political upheaval. The Facebook-Account of Страйк Плакат was created as a reaction to the violent suppression of student protests by the Berkut forces on the Maidan. Artists from Kiev wanted to articulate their civil position regarding the events.

Enter, download, print, use – is what Страйк Плакат invites people to do. New posters could be send in by anyone. The initiative wants to be a collective one. Ideas are developed in teams, the concept of authorship changes, visitors of the site should not only observe and receive but actively participate.

What are the main ideas displayed by these posters? How did social media change the way of contemporary protest? What common features and what differences are there comparing strike posters to historical forms of political posters? How great is the impact of such common images on today’s society? Do they make any difference at all?

pdf: DIY!