Here you can find the essays we wrote so far during the project:

On the political potential of art: How to do things with images by Laura Weber

Semantic Dimensions of the Term Euromaidan by Lisa Vogt

Framed Performance – The Innocence of the Piano by Anna Wittmann

Guerilla art in Donbass: Sergey Zakharov – the Banksy of Donetsk by Maja Zuchewicz

DIY! The Potential of Страйк Плакат by Anastasiya Gärtner-Koval

Filming your movement -Different views on the Maidan by Larissa Mass

Maidan. A Cosmopolitan Community?

Let’s play Maidan?! The potential of playsettings for new orders in theory.  by Christina Schwigon

Empathy – the only thing that will save us by Kateryna Shmeha

It is frightening to watch how history is being created: reader’s reception of Serhiy Zhadan’s creative work by Irina Shymon

The phenomenon of literature of (from) Maidan by Mariana Zeleniuk

Words to stumble upon / Stolperworte by Evgeniia Nesterovych

Archetypes in the War Texts by Daryna Voronovska

Rewiev of lyrical discourse. “Euromaidan. Lyrical chronicle” by Iryna Shchepna

Two streams, two genres, one memory by Natalija Dovhanych

Poetical prediction of war by Marta Melnichuk