suitcases of impressions and motivations

This project gave me so much that I was extremely happy with the fact that it was permitted to take countless number of suitcases with impressions and motivations on board of the plane. IrinaM4Of course, I could hardly put them in my head and in my heart. Sometimes there are such days which look like a month or even a year because of their capacity and accumulation of experience… For instance, when everything starts in Humboldt University, continues with empathic wandering into Sachsenhausen concentration camp and trying not to forget to breathe, then – a museum “Topography of Terror” and at the end of the day – luxurious stunning performance in Berliner Ensemble. I remember IrinaMimageone evening after a very intensive and mad day when I wrote: “To grow up in this city till the clothes for thoughts and reflections fissures in seams…” Berlin is a city of contrasts. It looks like a vitrage with amazing pieces of colourful glass which are so self-contained that we can observe the process of decentering (by Jacques Derrida). Paul Ricoeur suggests that understanding leads to self-understanding. Thus the opportunity, presented by Humboldt University, helped me to look at my country using another filters, being able to compare, to comprehend more clearly what memory is and how it “works” on various levels, in different countries, amongst many unique nations… Consequently this considerable experience vastly expanded my worldview and gave me plenty more motivations and impulses to self-improvement and discovering IrinaM5everything around me with curiosity and inspiration.

Iryna Shchepna