What the Lviver Students expect from the Trip to Berlin

We just got that very nice email from the Lviver students with theire expectations for the travel to Berlin. Thanks for that! We are really looking forward to the next part of our project!

“What we expect from Berlin

The date of journey is coming and high spirits overwhelm us. After exciting
meeting in Lviv we look forward to visiting Berlin. It’s not a secret that
your studies of Ukrainian Maidain are pleasant surprises, that helps us to
notice new issues. The views from the other side also reveal some new
features of the phenomenon. We are completely impressed by the opportunity to
find out about German culture, places of high value and places of memory.
We also want to comprehend the significance of your literature and art.
All of us have different thoughts about our trip, but we agree that
the most unexpected moments are the most memorable.

Evgenia Nesterovich: Berlin is interesting for me from different
perspectives. First of all, it is “European New York” for artists from
all over Europe. Secondly, I’m very interested in the German cultural
experience in working with hard historical memory. I hope to get deep
insight in German way of talking about the memory of war or political
conflict. Especially, it would be interesting to see how nowadays Berliners use
old monuments and buildings connected with uncomfortable

Maryana Zelenjuk
: Travelling changes us. Thanks to it we discover a new
culture, language and, thus, we discover a new world-view for us. In my
opinion, Germans have their own unique memory and culture as well as Ukrainians. I hope during the visit we will discuss the Ukrainian and German problems of history and literature. Such type of many-sided conversation let us
reveal some places of intersection of our cultures.

Iryna Shchepna: I want to feel Berlin. Like a real personality. Its
smile, its sadness, its tranquility. I want to know how it walks, how it works, how it can touch the heart of every person who wants to feel it. I want to have Berlin in my best alive memories. Like about the Christmas tree or a first kiss.

Kateryna Shmega: I want to return being full of new experience and
knowledge gained from communication with intelligent people. Also I hope
to find out a lot of new and useful information about German culture and
history. And, of course, I hope not to get lost in Berlin.

Iryna Shymon: I am sure that our meeting will be fruitful and productive.
It will be interesting to understand how the historical memory is treated
in Germany, and how it is reflected in the life of the inhabitants of
Berlin. I’m convinced that the stay in Germany will be filled with useful

Daryna Voronovska
: As for me, Berlin is a place where one might recognize
some historical moments that couldn’t be described in any book. There are
a lot of topics that couldn’t be expressed by the words. This is the
reason why only places contain the most vital information. Moreover this
trip is a good possibility to compare our two cultures and learn
something new that I couldn’t do staying at home.

Marta Melnychuk: I hope this project will help us to better understand each other
and reveal some new unexpected approaches to German culture. I think this
travel will inspire us to continue our exchanging of historical and
creative experience. This project should develop and add new themes, which
will arise during our debates.

Nataliia Dovganych:
This journey is one of the most expected in my life.
Among my scientific interests there are cultural memory, cultural trauma
and literature of survivor. That’s why I hope to evolve my knowledge
regarding Holocaust, especially how Germans cope with this awful and
painful experience, how it affects art and literature and whether they perceive
the impact of it in contemporary works of art and daily life. Likewise I
would be grateful to meet with some scientists who are engaged in research of these topics.

All of us believe that our visit will exceed our expectations. Reaching out to
some of Berlin`s most famous sides, meeting with you and discussing some
discordant topics will be the best way to spend time.

Best regards from Ukraine!”